Super Linda's Matt Abramcyk Talks Branding, Dinner, and a Show: Part 1

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He wants you to enjoy dinner. . . . Then stay for a drink.

Super Linda is not Matt Abramcyk's first Tribeca restaurant, and it's certainly not his last (but more on that in part two tomorrow). The finance-guy-turned-nightclub-honcho now spearheads a mini empire of restaurants in the neighborhood once dominated by Mr. De Niro. We caught up with the laid-back restaurateur at his usually packed-out place during a quiet afternoon and found out that hanging with the jolly green giant of hot spots is pretty pleasant in the sunny lanai facing West Broadway.

What was your inspiration for a Mexican restaurant?
It's really Mexican plus shades of Uruguayan and Argentinian. . . . It's very social food, and it's food that goes very well with drinking and having a fun time and celebration. It has great energy. That's pretty much my inspiration . . . besides just loving the taste of the food.

You're more of a partner, a restaurateur. How much of a hand do you have in menu development?
I love that, but I do hire people that are much smarter than I am. People who do that stuff and my partners can have more ideas about menus and food than I do. I'm sort of the person that can be as happy having a slice of pizza--a great slice of pizza--as I am having a great, perfectly cooked, many-ingredient, beautifully composed dish.

You have created your own brand. How do you define that brand?
I think it's, hopefully, an environment or a brand that people feel is a combination of delivery and quality, whether it has to do with ambiance or a part of the service . . . or a part of the actual deliverable, which is maybe the food or the drink. Hopefully there's a common level of excellence. Which is sort of buoyed by the softer stuff--which is the way people are treated and the lighting and the whole way that you see yourself and the people in the space. Hopefully it's a softer space, a space that you feel very warm in or that you feel close to very quickly. I think that's the brand that I'm looking to continue and try to build.

It used to be that on Saturday night, you'd go to dinner and a show. Now dinner is the show. What are your thoughts on that idea, and do you think it puts more pressure on a restaurant?
I love that question. I think probably it does put more pressure on the restaurant experience in that people are looking for more. I read The New York Times this week, and they wrote that [Alison Eighteen] was a very normal restaurant and that was the best part of it, and I thought that was funny and kind of a really interesting point by the reviewer. I think, like Pete Wells, that sometimes a normal restaurant experience is very welcome. I agree with that.

And I really think, to answer your question more specifically, there are all sorts of different things that people can do in a restaurant: You can propose to a woman. You can get really drunk. You can have a fine meal. You can have a bad meal. Of all the different things that can occur, we're most interested in creating an ambiance that you can feel very comfortable in . . . that you want to stay a while, that you're looking forward to having a drink, and you're looking forward to dessert. So there's the entire continuum of a meal, and, hopefully, you can enjoy the part of the restaurant that's more of a bar scene.

Yeah, it does put a little more pressure on, but we are OK with that. We like that. The pressure.

You personally transitioned from finance to restaurants . . . what was your impetus for that? I think people think that's interesting.
Yeah, to a lot of people it is because they hate their jobs. We are so progressive in our society, and it's harder and harder to be creative in the workplace. And I think my main impetus was to be able to feel like I had more creativity. It was: "How do I express my creativity in the workplace?" I certainly didn't like sitting and creating in Excel for tons of hours a week, but nobody that does that likes it. The people that succeed in business work beyond those first two years where they're working their butts off. But I really didn't see myself being satisfied by the financial component. Again, I really wanted to express myself, and I wanted to work with people who could feel a community with. Less competitive and more progressive.

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Branding? This guy is a total lying freak show!


wasnt this guy Matt Abramck just indicted for money laundering or something?


The Man Behind The Tribeca Eateries is caught and he keeps telling stories lying to Carl Glassman. You dad didn't get you the spaces for 77 Warren, Smith and Mills, Super Linda and Tiny's. Do you EVER stop lying?

You and Ken Dubow who manages all these buildings for the Gindi's is your best friend since you were a little boy. You Matt Abramcyk, Ken Dubow and Daivd Jaroslawicz committed all this fraud in all these buildings. Dubow and Jaroslawicz are the author of all this fraud in all these buildings directing you every 5 minutes by phone in all these buildings to destroy them by construction to get at the underlying leases. its called demolition by construction. The spaces were not avaiable in a dozen buildings in your fraud spreee. And your dad had nothing to do with it liar! Is This your failed attempt to distances the Gindi's from this fraud and pretend it was "just business" or your dad's a real estate broker who is leasing and selling spaces that are not available? When your lawyer's office was just raidied for illegal businesses, money laundering and prostitution via real estate holdings via llc's. And your lame excuse is to blame it on your dad? His didnt sign his name to a thing. He had no involvement. You are a liar kid.

Your job is to vacate these buildings demolition by construction in a pattern of fraud that finally extends to nearly a dozen buildings in this fraud scheme with you alone. The Gindi's own Smith and Mills, Super Linda and Tiny's and 77 Warren. Dont you just wish any part of your miserable story were true or all these llc's for all these buildings including 287 Broadway where you sued 57 Reade at the Pizza Cafe didnt all trace back to Jaroslawicz who's office was just raided for links to money laundering and corruption?

You're caught kid in a massive fraud scheme. These spaces were not available. Smith and Mills is an illegal business operating on a invald CO and fraud liquor license. The buildings were not "permanently vacant" on a fraud CO.Its all fraud. Every paper filed with every department of the city and state is fraud and the only ones lying for YOU not your pop are the police, dob and fire.

You and the "lawyer friend" of Anna Gristina is who all your faux llc trace back to did this in all these building with Ken Dubow not your dad.  But here we go again, your fathers name isnt on a single records, there is no part of your soin that is true and you're still lying in the press on everyone around you.  

Dont you just wish any part of your miserable story was true? Your dad found you the spaces? Do you ever stop lying Abramcyk. Its funny when I met Paul Sevigyn he said exactly this. . . Abramcyk just lies and lies and lies and lies! The guy can;t stop lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The only complication is we better be exactly where we started when you knocked on our door with the contents replaces you ruined using our 8 bedroom home as an exhjaust, with the insurance money from our damage to adjacent property for the Greenwich Hotel on these permits. And you may as well just hand Robert Deniro the Smith and Mills liquor license for the Greenwich Hotel you beat him to with no where to legally put the license based on your own testimony regarding egress which just cost you this liquoer license over your illegal business..

Do you have any idea how many people you told to anyone who would listen the G's paid off the police, dob and fire with David Jaroslawicz kid? Do you really think they will all go to jail and perjure themselves for you now that the corruption unit raided Jaroslawicz's office for links to money laundering in illegal businesses?

The only thing you have made clear is there is no way to handle this civilly. Its ciminal Matt. What is truly stunning is you involved Sean Avery and Henrik who clearly has no idea who they were partners with or who the owner/operators is since all masked in dozens of faux llc's which all trace back to David Jaroslawicz in all these buildings and bars. They will be horrified to finally realize it wasn't you by a long shot!

What an incredible pathological liar even shaking down famous hockey players who didn't know Smith and Mills and Tiny's is a copy of our 8 bedroom home because we let your designers Parts and Labor copy our house! And it better be there put back the way you found it before our accident with the Greenwich Hotel and fire with Smith and Mills Jack Abramcyk started!

And you were sincerely thinking we would sit back while you had Tribeca citizen printed fake stories about Mike to force him out too?. This would be 3 dozen business and 100 leases you went after in under 3 years? And you said you were a hedge fund guy or a designer after you copied us for Smith and Mills and Tiny's? It better be put back exactly the way you found it fat kid or you and Ken and Jaroslawicz will answer to this criminally from here out with the uncles.

You didn't think everyone would tell us how you bragged from here to eternity how you paid off the police DOB and fire in all these buildings and bars over your all cash businesses? Except the only ones lying for you on record at Smith and Mills are the police, dob, and fire?


Do you sincerely think we took the bait over the Tribeca Tirbune? Do you sincerely think you can blame this away on your father when we have you ad Ken Dubow on hours of tape conspring with David Jarolsawicz to commit this fraud in all these buildings? After you bragged how you bribed the police, dob and fire for 3 years?

This is R I CO kid. It's criminal. You just cost them the deed with all your fraud and racketeering and corruption. Someone better figure out how to replace its contents and restore Carlos and I, and sort out this conspiracy to commit fraud in 2 dozen buildings south of Canal and our assumed liabilities on these permits from the Greenwich Hotel or you will all go to jail. Its criminal Abramcyk.

What is fairly stunning is you are operating on a fraud CO and fraud liquor license and just tought you would rob us of our home over your illegal business? This makes you the illegal businesses and the quid pro quo the corruption unit is looking for with David Jaroslawicz. But in alll this time it sincerely never occurred to you we sent all the records and pleadings, padded statements for your key money, fees, fines, deposits, late fees and your legal fees you asked for on Supreme acting illegally in the lower courts misusing the judicial process to the corruption unit over a year ago long before they raided Jarosalwicz's office? Right.

You may fail to realize exactly how many departments have tried to trick us to come in to get us to turn states evidence on you, Dubow, the Gindi's and Jaroslawicz. But even when you are caught you sincerely think your pathetic spin in the Tribeca Tribune means a thing? Maybe you weren't sleeping because even the Italian mafia doesnt go after innocent woman and children. You could all very well go to jail for a very long time with Jaroslawicz.

But you just keep going even after you were caught lying to a judge which automatically restores us to possession according to the agency's that handle corruption who have all the fraud pleading files, all the fraud statements, fraud DOB records, fraud taxes, insurance fraud, and the evidence of all the fires and accidents, and every record ever filed in all these buildings  with your fraud liquor license. But in all this time no one bothered to sort out your matters with the Gindi's in all these buildings even after you were caught?.

And you pretend you are the victim who can't sleep after you broke in our home to get this fraud CO over a fraud liquor license at 7 in the morning while we were sleeping like the mad rapist and broke in our house again after you stole from us? I assume this is while you were terrorized the residents of Lower Manhattan over the rebuildings of Lower Manahattan after 9/11 and built all these fire traps you call bars? You have no shame. Don't think we are dumb enough to be baited.. Every department city and state have the records and all the pleadings and padded statements.

But you have no shame kid. You were caught lying to a judge and said "Oh well" after you corrected the judge's English? Maybe you prefer we just release the transcripts in the press where you describe the egress which just cost you this liquor license and all your illegal business with all the pleadings, so everyone can see what fraud looks like with all the records? Instead you beat Robert Deniro to the last liquor license for the Greenwich Hotel and try to sell BD Hotels the license + our master lease you had no legal rights to under the law over a fraud liquor license? Don't think they didn't admit early on exactly what you and Jaroslawicz did. This is why they are partners with Andre not you. You're a little con man.

And here you go again with some sob story after the horror you caused in all these buildings using illegal business to terrorize the resident of Lower Manhattan in this fraud scheme because this is what ypu were paid to do for the Gindi's over a building Ray Gindi didn't even remeber he owned they own so many over your fraud scheme. I am sure they will adore you crying like a baby in the press. Maybe you better explain to them exactly what you and Ken and Jaroslawicz did for this ten percent?

Complicated? Its criminal Matt. Maybe you can take the family down with you this time? Trobeca Tribune. Righhhhhhhhtttttttt!.  


I mean you just have to wonder what happens when an illegal bar with a fraud liquor license with an invalid C of O like Smith and Mills sues their neighbors for writing the Mayor over a fire and the only ones left lying 3 years later is the police, dob and fire if the Mayor received their letter 10 days before they filed a fraud lawsuit at Smith and Mills after this kid was caught lying to the judge.

A formal complaint would bar anyone from losing their home. Its illegal. This is the law. Clearly the courts will restore them to their home as a matter of law which is exactly why Smith and Mills is being forced out of the garage. They are obstructing the legal means of egress for the neighbor's 8 bedroom home with a partial petition. Smith and Mills tenancy is a fire hazard. The courts will bar Smith and Mills, Maritime llc or anyone else from their neighbors home as a matter of law after Matt Abramcyk was caught lying to the judge and the case was dismissed. Anything else would be misuse of judical process.

Instead they honestly think with 2 partial vacate orders and $26,000 in fines at Smith and Mills changing the name by hiding behind another faux llc will do the trick?

And they seriously don't think this is what tipped off the corruption unit when this fraud now extends to more then a dozen buildings south of Canal with just this one tenant alone, a half a dozen illegal businesses and bars when not a single city record adds up across the board, when all these faux llc with Matt Abramcyk all trace back to David Jaroslawicz whose records were just seized by the corruption unit  for links to money laundering by the DA's office?


ya? he started a fire in our building too! we heard he was caught making up one hell of a story on the neighbors above smith and mills over fire. she caught him liyng to the police, the judge, stealing their power like some sick game of cat and mouse at smith and mills. they dont have the legal rights to the property there either. the guy is total a criminal. they over billed all our statements, tried filing dozens of fraud evictions. our lawyers beat them. but this matt abramcyk guy belongs is jail. he isnt wired right. he looks right in rhe eye and lies and lies and lies. he 's one sick dude.


ditto on that! they belong rikers island with anna gristina the madam. she probably works for them! the story broke she was the madam for nightclub operators. who made up the story about john edwards? they all belong in jail! Tribeca Trifecta?


Yeah, we had the same problem with Abramcyk at the Pizza Cafe at 287 Broadway. We are right across the street from the Department of Buildings. They nearly killed us when this guy ran the electrical up the elevator shaft at the Pizza Cafe. The Department of Buildings is right across the street and they never once did a thing or ever fined the Gindi's who own all these buildings. This kid Matt Abramcyk is their partner Ray Abramcyk's son. We thought the mafia had a code about going after innocent woman and childen. But not with these people. Matt Abramcyk and Ken Dubow are the dirtiest in the bunch!

The U S States attorney compared the rabbi's to crime bosses in A Community Shaken in the WSJ in New Jersey. But didn't the rabbi's all work for the Gindi's? They built the temples. They have been paying off the inspectors in all these buildings in Tribeca for years. Half of the buildings were vacated because they weren't safe for anyone to live in them after Matt Abramcyk was through. he started another fire down the street from us on Duane at the same time they went after Delphi. They're total criminals.

But it's Ken Dubow directing this kid Abramcyk with this dirty lawyer David Jarolsawicz They would have blown up the buildings and killed everyone in them if they could. These people all belong in jail!  


Why doesn't he just explain Mr. Abramcyk's connection to Crazy Eddie and Operation Bid Rig, the Rabbi scandal, the counterfeit Gucci handbags, the Anna Gristina Madam scandal and those connections to the owner of all these buildings and bars in the press linked to Jaroslawicz if its publicity you are after?

The US States attorney and the FBI in New Jersey have been looking for where all the money went from the Rabbi scandal from the counterfeit Gucci handbags over those links to corruption in New Jersey even bribing government officials over 30 million in bad real estate deals gone wrong at the same time they pulled this with Abramcyk in all these buildings in lower Manhattan in this Tribeca Trifecta this time for 200 million dollars in bad real estate deals gone wrong.

Are you sure you don't mean the Dirty Dozen instead of the Tribeca Trifecta? You'll still never get your neighbors home. Its criminal now Abramcyk.


Maybe he should explain how he would be in possession of his neighbor's 8 bedroom home after we was caught lying to the judge or all the fraud index numbers since the Supreme Court judge wants to hear from Mr. Abramcyk since he failed to demonstrate a single valid cause against his neighbors or their 8 bedroom home on any court.

Mr. Abramcyk may foolishly think he will lay claim to the premises while we publish all the fraud pleadings, his fraud lawsuit, his transcripts in the press where he was caught lying to a judge repeatedly with all the bank wires withheld from the courts and statements, while they padded statements for all Smith and Mills key money, fees, fines deposits, late fees and legal fees Abramcyk never paid billed to his neighbor's rent statements before he plans to step foot in his neighbor's home and admire their view since this all falls under R I CO.

He would of course have to realize these plans would have to be approved by the judge who has never seen anything so ridiculous as Mr. Abramcyk's fraud lawsuit or Mr. Dubow's and Mr. Jarosalwicz's handy work on the courts in this many cases in this many buildings all at the same time in the civil courts since this was criminal.

But you just have to love how this guy actually thinks he could continue this fraud even after his lawyer's office was raided over these same links to money laundering, fraud and corruption when this finally extends to prostitution.

Only in New York would thos kid continue the fraud in the press while the corruption unit is looking for the quid pro quo while he brags about it!


Didn't this guy Matt Abramcyk forget the part where he hot wired 2 buildings, had 3 lawsuits at the Pizza Cafe against developer, his neighbors at 71 N Moore at Smith and Mills he lost, another suit against David Bouley for Super Linda, 2 construction accidents, 3 fires, another building evacuated, 3 buildings which mysteriously sit vacant solely based on fraud which all tied up on the courts and another fire above the Roc all under 2 years in all these buildings were he put all these bars and businesses in this Tribeca Trifecta? Is he actually boasting about a fruad scheme which finally extends to more then a dozen buildings south of Canal and enough fraud to choke a horse. . . The Tribeca Trifecta?

You really have to love the part where he glosses over the fact that No Moore Oysters llc, 385 Greenwich llc, Maritime llc, 71 N Moore llc, Yenen llc, Randal llc. Webway llc, 109 W Broadway llc, 109 W Broadway llc, 135 W Broadway llc and 77 Warren llc all trace back David Jaroslawicz who's office was raidied by the corruption unit in the Soccer Madam scandal for links to corruption and money laundering where all of Abramcyk's llc's trace back to while the DA is looking for illegal businesses and quid pro quo. And here is Abramcyk is boasting about another illegal business in the press?

Smith and Mills is operating on fraud liquor license based on an invalid C O at 71 N Moore by falsely claimed the buildings were vacant to avoid the issues of egress when this isn't what Abramcyk describes on the Supreme Court under penalty of perjury. According to the city's records not a single thing they filed city and state isn't fraud since 2004. The inspectors have admitted the CO for Smith and Mills is not valid, who falsified 55 D O B complaints at 385 Greenwich and 71 N Moore, who issued this invalid CO for Smith and Mills. Isn't this is the quid pro quo the corruption unit is looking for in the Manhattan Madam scandal with Anna Gristina's "lawyer friend" David Jaroslawicz who all of Abramcyk's faux llc's in all these buildings and bars all trace back to in this Tribeca Trifecta?

He had to forget the part where the only ones left lying for Jaroslawicz and Abramcyk in all these buildings and bars were the police, department of buildings and fire or how he boasted from here to eternity how they paid everyone off in all these bars to anyone who would listen. Its fairly stunning given the dozens of boxes seized from his lawyer David Jaroslawicz's office in the Anna Gristina Madam scandal given these links to corruption.

Only in New York kids, only in New York!

Barry Newman
Barry Newman

Isnt this the guy who's lawyer was raided in the Gristina Madam scandal? His businsses are not exactly on the up and up after gazing the city records. He talks a good game. He's an English major now a finance guy. This is a load of bull. He bottomed out of the stock market after like a year, went from job to job. I think this guy is totally full of it. His partner's from Beatrice Inn cant stand him and wont speak to him. He doesnt tell the truth. Its a little disheartening to read a thing about him. He's hurt many people. I dont think this guy is legit. 

Addison Whitney
Addison Whitney

Thanks for this post, always good to hear about successes in the restaurant business!