The USA Champion Barista on Her Signature Beverage

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Jeff Oien
The past weekend at the United States Barista Championship in Portland, Katie Carguilo of Counter Culture Coffee defeated 54 other contestants to become the first New Yorker ever to win the competition. This summer, she'll travel to Vienna to represent the United States in the World Barista Championship. She explained the idea behind her winning drink to the Times' Oliver Strand:

"My sig bev was inspired by the fermentation of coffee...I used a mash of nectarine, lemon, jasmine green tea and vinegar, and topped that with the Haru espresso and served it in a Riedel grappa glass. I chose that flute because Ethiopian coffees are, to me, the champagne of the coffee world: Coffee is only indigenous to Ethiopia -- it was carried by hand and planted everywhere else it now grows, so one could make the argument this is the only place true coffee exists."

She knows what she's doing. Even so, we wish her luck in the international competition.

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Congratulations Katie, was an amazing day and your jasmine tea coffee was justifiably the winner.  Barista Championships in the US are gaining fast momentum and I would recommend to anyone with a passion for coffe to attend them.  Vienna's perhaps too far for most, but for me it's a great excuse for a holiday.