Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Chicken Dishes in NYC

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The fried chicken at Sunset Park's Madly Wildly. Will it make the grade?

Everybody loves chicken. Or almost everybody. Who doesn't like chicken soup? Fried chicken? Roast chicken with garlic and olive oil rubbed into the skin? Chicken mousse wrapped in a banana leaf and scented with lemongrass? The legendary Hainan chicken, perfect in its smooth blandness and dependent on its dipping sauce? And who doesn't like a chicken parm hero, smothered in mozzarella and tomato sauce?

Tomorrow, we'll enumerate our 10 favorite chicken concoctions in the city. There will be surprises and maybe even some dubious calls. Please join us anyway, bright and early tomorrow morning for Our 10 Best Chicken Dishes in NYC.

The organic chicken at Jo Jo, laden with Moroccan flavors, is irresistible. But is it irresistible enough?

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160 E. 64th St., New York, NY

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