Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Far Downtown Restaurants

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Lauren Bloomberg
Could this be from one of our 10 Best?

The financial district, Battery Park City, FiDi, the Seaport district . . . whatever you want to call it, the southern tip of the city is not the barren food land that many think it is. Tucked behind the touristy Seaport strip, Front Street is chockablock with worthy dining and drinking options, and though the lunchtime and happy-hour scene on Stone Street might be a bit more boisterous than its twilight dining, there's still plenty of worthy options. We've lumped the area from Chambers Street on down into one dining destination, Far Downtown, and gathered the best food joints to present our 10 Best Far Downtown Restaurants. Check back tomorrow for the list.

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Rick Shaw
Rick Shaw

Yeah, I'd say we have the best lunch options in town considering how many people there are to feed. Only thing -- and we do get a great many of our City's wonderful foodtrucks -- but Midtown is way more lucky than us there - they get ALL the foodtrucks!


Barbarini Alimentari, Made Fresh Daily, (maybe) Smorgas Chef... (besides the obvs ones like North End Grill & SHO)