Twinkie Company Asks to Modify Labor Contracts, Employees Threaten Strike

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There's trouble in Twinkie land. Hostess Brands Inc., the company that makes Twinkies, is asking permission of a bankruptcy judge to modify the labor contracts of its employees, in order to avoid liquidation while in its second round of bankruptcy.

On Wednesday, the CEO of the company, Gregory Rayburn, told U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert Drain that the company can't afford to pay the pensions for its workers as they currently stand.

The Teamsters union and the bakery workers union have threatened to organize a strike if the labor contracts are changed. "Executives lie and claim labor costs are to blame," said the Teamsters' general secretary-treasurer Ken Hall, in a statement quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek. "But it is incompetence and greed, pure and simple, that have put this iconic company in the position it is in today."

The judge's ruling on the issue has been delayed until May 1.

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