Where Was I Eating? El Mariachi Restaurant

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Alexia Nader
Great guesses the second time around. I was eating the steak enchiladas smothered with cheese at El Mariachi, a low-key Mexican restaurant in Astoria.

Congratulations to the winner: David Gottesman. Send me your address via email to claim your cookbook. The rest of you, join me next week for another round of Where Am I Eating?.

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El Mariachi Restaurant

33-11 Broadway, New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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Alexia Nader
Alexia Nader

Attention recent winners of Where Am I Eating?:  @4bbacefdb2c3195336dae03ba759f409:disqus  @62c671d3752908e74e4dfd69bdea8963:disqus  and David Gottesman. If you have not received a cookbook, send your addresses to bparks@villagevoice.com. You will get a prize--promise. 


@MP11 me too. I won last week and I haven't received anything in the mail. Alexis, please confirm with us please. Thanks.

Alexia Nader
Alexia Nader

Wow, sorry Chad and MP11, I never received an email with your addresses. Let me check to see what happened. I'm so sorry about that. 


Do you get a cookbook????  I won three weeks ago and haven't received a thing, despite sending my address three times....... IS THIS NOT A REAL "PRIZE"

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