Year of the Takeout Day 111: Lucky Plaza Restaurant (JELLYFISH HEAD!)

Chilled Jellyfish Head from Lucky Plaza Restaurant (81 Chrystie Street, 212-219-8868)

First question: Do jellyfish have heads? Answer: kind of. They technically have "bells" which are those top, cap-like parts of their gelatinous, tentacled bodies. Who knew?

Anyway, what's important here is that something called "jellyfish head" is available on Lucky Plaza's menu for $11.95. Of course Year of the Takeout had to try it.

As it turns out, jellyfish head does not taste all that different from the rest of a jellyfish.

The texture feels like fatty, dense shreds of cartilage, and the strands can be a bit tricky to chew through. The plate, however, is quite pleasant.

The mild shards come tossed in a light, thin, soy-based sauce--more of a dressing than a gravy--with sesame seed and hints of ginger and chile pepper.

Also present are slices of sweet, pickled daikon and carrot--similar to what you would see in banh mi.

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Location Info

Lucky Plaza Restaurant

81 Chrystie St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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Gross, try the same dressing over some firm noodles, why eat cartilage-like sea creatures for no apparent reason?


These chiney are savages and will eat anything. They're all over the city with their smelly restaurants and delivery guys everywhere. One even smiled at me as if  he even had a chance. Pleeze.