123BurgerShotBeer.Com -- The Bar That Wants You to Feel Cheated

The $2 shot turns out to be a very small mixed drink at 123BurgerShotBeer.Com. This one has the charming name of "Panty Dropper."

The siren song of the storefront is irresistible: It seems to suggest you'll be able to buy a burger for $1, a shot of hard liquor for $2, and a beer for $3. "Why is the beer the most expensive thing?" you wonder as you traipse into the darkened Hell's Kitchen sports bar.

The offer seems simple enough as advertised on the awning--though why is "dot com" part of the name? Is the bar a flawed real-world representation of the more-genuine website?

Once inside, I asked one of the enthusiastic bartenders for the signature offer. It was a little heavy on the booze and light on the food for the midday hour--but what the hell!

Without breaking character, the bartender beamed at me, "Well, you see," pushing his baseball cap back and leaning toward me confidentially, "you can't just buy one burger, you have to buy three." I deadpanned him. "And all together, the three will cost you $3.75." As it turned out, every item in the offer also charged tax and incorporated a 15 percent service charge.

He continued, "the shot is $2.50 not $2, and the beer is $3.75 instead of $3." I felt slightly dizzy seeing the prices inflating right before my eyes.

"What kind of shots do you have? What kinds of tequila?" I inquired.

"Well, here's the list of shots." I might have blanched as I ran my eye down the list, which included, not recognizable names of hard liquor, but goofy monikers that neglected to mention even the type of alcohol, things like Screaming Orgasm, Redheaded Slut, Alabama Slam Her, Eat My Peaches, and, the one I chose, I'll never know why, Panty Dropper.

The Panty Dropper was really just a tiny mixed drink, for which I had paid (the guy demanded cash up front, or a line of credit) $2.50, which is about twice what the thing was worth.

Waiting for the gullible and budget-seeking masses

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123 Burger Shot Beer

738 10th Ave., New York, NY

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