Paying Attention to Dessert at Per Se

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Liz Barclay
The chocolate cheesecake at Per Se
It's tradition to basically ignore desserts in restaurant reviews, but this week, I wrote about the work of Per Se's pastry chef, Elwyn Boyles. I tasted his desserts for the first time in London, eight years ago, when he was the pastry chef at Tom Aikens. Boyles joined Per Se four years ago and now offers a $65 tasting menu in the restaurant's salon made entirely of pretty and precise sweets. Read the full review here.

Liz Barclay
Pineapple cornets

Liz Barclay
White grapefruit "consomme," compressed fennel, black olive "bavarois," white chocolate and olio verde sorbet

Liz Barclay
Strawberries and sake with vanilla ice cream

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Per Se

10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY

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