Black Coffee Roasting Company Beans Arrive at Murray's

Certified organic, with the roasting date inked in by hand. Now that's artisanal!

If you're a coffee fanatic, it calls for a little celebration every time a new coffee roaster hits town. In the past couple of years, we've seen the arrival of Stumptown (Portland), Intelligentsia (Chicago), and Blue Bottle (Oakland/San Francisco); the formation of Oslo Coffee (Brooklyn) and Gorilla Coffee Roasters (Brooklyn); and the reinvigoration of the ancient Dallis Bros. Coffee (Queens). New long ago, Fork in the Road reported on the arrival of the legendary Ritual Coffee (San Francisco) at Murray's Cheese. Now the venerable cheese vendor has scoured the country and come up with another new brand of roasted beans from a surprising place.

The beans are certified organic, and the coffee company is Black Coffee Roasting Company of Missoula, Montana. Talk about a random location! Still, one imagines that the beans--gathered from around the world--have benefited from the clear mountain air and cool temperatures, even though Missoula is located in one of Montana's flatter parts. Or maybe you can taste the influence of ranches and tumbleweeds. Either way, the Six Towers blend has a bitter backbone that presents itself about a second and a half after you sip it. The color of the coffee after press-potting is dark as a moonless night in the country. The sturdy blend is especially nice in the morning, and seems heavily caffeinated, and the beans glisten in the bag, every tenth bean slicked with coffee oils.

Here's the description of the blend from the Black Coffee website:

Medium-Dark Roast, this bean has dark, full throttled appeal. Delicious no matter the preparation method, this coffee has great notes of coco, nuts, and caramel and just a hint of sweet fruit. This is the perfect coffee for everyday drinking.

Not sure what they mean by "coco," but the coffee is worth checking out.

Six Towers beans from Black Coffee Roasters as poured from the bag

Murray's Cheese
254 Bleecker Street

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Oslo Coffee Roasters

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Murray's Cheese

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I'm with the band
I'm with the band

Blue bottle is good, maybe a bit precious for my tastes. Intelligentsia and stumptown are no slouches either. Bcrc literally got me off of putting half and half in my coffee though. It is that good. Life changing even.

Black Coffee Roasting Co.
Black Coffee Roasting Co.

Thanks Village Voice for the great article, and thanks Matternon and Missoula Mountains for the comments. We'll definitely work on our spelling. We're currently roasting our beans 5 days a week out here in Montana, and working hard to find unique, organic single origin coffees. We've loved getting a couple of accounts in NY. Murrays cheese is awesome! If you're ever up in Hudson, check out the new restaurant, The Crimson Sparrow. A good friend of ours is opening that spot. He's a great cook, and the food is gonna be spot on. On top of that, they're going to serve Black Coffee. Thanks again.

Matt and JimBlack Coffee Roasting Co.Missoula Montana


Hey now, Missoula isn't in Montana's flatter part. It is smack in the middle of the mountains- ringed 360 degrees by tall snow covered peaks. Maybe you are thinking of our rival town Bozeman, which is at the edge of the plains? That's three hours away.

And yeah, our coffee is awesome.