Burgers Go Satanic in Queens Tonight

Tonight's the night, devil worshippers, that you finally get your own hamburger.

Fed up with prissy burgers invented by guys in white puffy hats and covered with all sorts of crap? Want to dine in a setting that features Heavy Metal? Enjoy eating from a truck?

Well, tonight is the grand launch of the 666 Burger Truck in Long Island City, Queens. The event will happen at a parking lot at 54th Avenue and 2nd Street, and burger, fries, and heavy-metal DJ Monachus are promised. The event commences at 8 p.m.

Further deets on the Facebook page.

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There are certainly zillions of musicians who are vegan, starting with Death Cab For Cutie

V. Gann
V. Gann

I don't suppose there will be any vegan offerings.

Alex C.
Alex C.

The 666 burger resume on facebook (just google 666 burger) mentions the following:5. There are no vegetarian options (by definition a burger must have meat in it).

They do, however, go on to say: 

6. We reserve the right to ignore our own rules.

So perhaps you'll get lucky. 

V. Gann
V. Gann

I meant for the main dish, or whatever you'd call a hamburger.

But as for the fries, do you think the stuff they'll fry them in will have animal products in it? Didn't that used to be the case with McDonald's (IIRC) fries?

While we're on the subject, are there any famous heavy metal musicians who are vegans? I seem to recall there's at least one, but I can't remember who.