Goodbye Ketchup Woes: MIT Introduces Non-Stick Condiment Bottle Coating

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Ketchup bottles can get a little annoying. You're always struggling to shake the stuff out, and even plastic squeeze bottles won't do the trick sometimes.

Some guys over at MIT have it all figured out. They've created LiquiGlide, a "super slippery" coating that will make stuff like ketchup and mayonnaise glide right out when applied to the inside of the packaging.

The coating is nontoxic and according to the founders, if all condiments bottles had the coating, an estimated 1 million tons of food could be saved from being thrown out each year.

"It's funny: Everyone is always like, 'Why bottles? What's the big deal?' But then you tell them the market for bottles--just the sauces alone is a $17 billion market," MIT Ph.D. candidate Dave Smith told Fast Company.

Saving us both time and money. We'll take it.

Here's a demo of the product:

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Who will sell it ??? Company Name...please !!!


 I never eat Ketchup. It sets off some warning single in my brain about something potentially unhealthy. I am worried frankly about what they put lining that bottle. As you know, our cans in the USA are all lined internally with some very dangerous plastic that japan already banned in it's canned goods. This new MIT shite is probably cancerous.


How about telling us WHERE things are, like the great bread you talked about in the May 23-29 issue? I guess I can wander East 5th Street and find Vandaag, but WHERE THE HELL IS LANDBROT? Why get un insterested and not give us the damn addresses?!

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