Inside LuckyRice's Grand Feast 2012

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Clarissa Wei
Burmese Kauswei at Asiate

The third annual LuckyRice Grand Feast was more than just a food tasting--it was a high-end cultural celebration of Asian flavors and culture. With a lineup as diverse as it was prominent, the food did not for a moment disappoint. Hot edamame dumplings from Buddakan and "Kanom Buamg-Yam" Thai tacos adorned with minature hot-sauce pipettes were main crowd-pleasers of the evening. And in terms of the booze, the selection ranged from traditional in the form of sake to quirky (Bombay Sapphire's dragon fruit cocktail).

As the crowd grew from dozens to hundreds by 7 p.m. in the Grand Salon of the Mandarin Oriental on Friday, the plates became more difficult to reach. Lucky for us, we managed to snag photos of the dishes and a couple of bites before that happened. A round-up of some of the food offerings after the jump.

Clarissa Wei

Crispy Chinese sausage rice cakes with broken chile sauce from the Hurricane Club

Clarissa Wei

"Kanom Buarng-Yarn" Thai taco by Ember Room

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Clarissa Wei
Hong Kong shrimp taro toast from Susur Lee


Curry dusted salmon with port wine sauce and pickled Hon Shimeji mushrooms from the Cooking Channel

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