New Petite Steak Menu at The Russian Tea Room

Russian Tea Room

The iconic Russian Tea Room on 57th Street has come out with a new petite steak menu ($48). It's a steak dinner without the 64-ounce commitment.

The menu comes with a choice of meat and a side. The meat options are as follows: strip steak (6 ounces), petite lamb T-Bone (10 ounces), rib eye (6 ounces), or the petit fillet (5 ounces). Customers choose from three sides: the royal baked potato, the fried mushrooms, or the Tuscan-style fries with herbs and garlic.

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Russian Tea Room

150 W. 57th St., New York, NY

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Hamish Liddell
Hamish Liddell

Hmm, that is an excellent sales and marketing strategy. Giving your customers additional choices is always a good thing. The petite steak menu created by the people behind Russian Tea Room is an innovative way to provide customers with options that correspond to their allotted meal budget.

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