People's Pops Has a Lovely New Cookbook

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People's Pops launched in 2008 when Nathalie Jordi, David Carrell, and Joel Horowitz set up a booth at the New Amsterdam Market, where they decided to sell ice pops made with local fruits. Over the years they experimented a lot, developed a fan base, opened shops in the East Village and Chelsea Market, and started selling to Whole Foods. They're now our city's ice pop masters.

Their new cookbook is a colorful, compact hardcover, written in a smart, funny, honest voice you might recognize from the team's blog. It has 55 recipes divided by season, and subdivided by fruit, sandwiched with plenty of tips and techniques to steer your pops to success. People's Pops can't sell boozy pops, but they encourage you to add a few glugs of the hard stuff (as long as it's 20 percent or less of the total pop mix) and provide a fun pop chart to use when imagining up new flavor combinations. The book closes with a shave ice chapter, and you'll want to find yourself a handheld ice shaver when you finish it.

Peoples Pops: 55 Recipes for Ice Pops, Shave Ice, and Boozy Pops from Brooklyn's Coolest Pop Shop (Ten Speed Press). Goes on sale June 5.

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Is the rest of the Village voice this inaccurate and unreliable? You didn't even know the correct street when you wrote about Vandaag. Is that why you didn't publish ANY of the addresses  in "5 New Breads To Fall in Love With" in the May 23rd-29th issue? It's NOT the corner of East 5th Street, it's the corner of East SIXTH street. And Second Ave. And if I want to buy the bread at Landbrot, or Bread Alone, how can I? You don't list their addresses, and I can't even find a mention of the article online.

Do you have any idea what a joke you are becoming? You can't even keep your readers informed about FOOD!

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