Our 10 Best Ice Creams in NYC

New York is a city of ice cream lovers. And we have a pretty outstanding set of parlors to make our summer days sweeter. Here are our 10 favorite ways to cool off right now (including sorbet, soft serve, and a sandwich). Don't see your favorites here? Show them some love in the comments.

Tejal Rao
Steve's blackberry-honey ice cream
10. Steve's David Stein recently relaunched Steve's, the Boston ice cream company, here in New York. Though we might have been suspicious about the brand's reinvention as "craft" ice cream, their pints are full of flavor. The winning strawberry-ricotta made with Salvatore BKLYN's whole milk ricotta, for example, is delicious. And the blackberry-honeys are a close second. The pints are fairly resistant to quick melting, but don't turn to rocks in your freezer either. So, stock up. Westside Market, 77 7th Ave., 212-807-7771

Tejal Rao
Sky Ice's rose-lychee sorbet
9. Sky Ice The Chujit family, from Chiang Mai, make Thai-inspired ice creams and shaved ice in this small Park Slope restaurant. There's bracing black sesame-seaweed, and wasabi too, but I'm a fan of the delicate, refreshing rose-lychee sorbet, which is creamy, rather than icy. 63 Fifth Ave., 718-230-0910

Tejal Rao
Blue Marble's root beer ice cream
8. Blue Marble This eco-conscious Brooklyn parlor sticks to simple, seasonal flavors, and sweetens their ice cream the very least they can get away with. The 'culture real frozen yogurt' is a mouthful of a name but a star of a scoop, made with Ronnybrook yogurt Seven Stars yogurt (sometimes they carry a honeyed version). I'm also fond of Blue Marble's super light coffee soft serve, and the more intense root beer ice cream, which just seems to taste better when it's perched on a cone. 196 Court St., Brooklyn, 718-858-0408

Location Info

Blue Marble Ice Cream

186 Underhill Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Restaurant

Momofuku Milk Bar and Bakery

251 E. 13th St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

81 Bergen St., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Restaurant

Ample Hills Creamery

623 Vanderbilt Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Restaurant

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

125 E. 7th St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

Sundaes and Cones

95 E. 10th St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

Bklyn Larder

228 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Restaurant

Brooklyn Victory Garden

920 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Restaurant

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