Anthony Bourdain to Host Cooking Show on ABC with Nigella Lawson

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When we said Anthony Bourdain was everywhere, we didn't really think he'd actually be on everywhere. Last time we reported that he's switching from the Travel Channel to CNN. Today, we bring word that he will be hosting a cooking reality show on ABC with Nigella Lawson.

ABC recently put up a casting call for the show:

"Do you sizzle in the kitchen and have a passion for food? If so, we're offering you a life changing opportunity! We are looking for professional chefs, home cooks, and foodies from all walks of life.

Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson have teamed up with Producer Kinetic Content for a brand new cooking show for ABC that will pit America's most skilled cooks against one another in a show unlike any other. "

We're not sure what to expect, but Bourdain did confirm the news to Eater last night: "It's true. I will be hosting a competitive reality series for ABC. I'm particularly looking forward to working with Nigella--who's a friend from way back... More to come later."

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Used to be super-cool . . . now, not so sure.

Johnny Deep
Johnny Deep

Big fan of Tony's....but um, he's made a fucking career hating on every one who ever hosted a cooking reality show on TV for years now. Bit odd.....