Art of the Deep Fry

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Mirko Credito, Fritture
That spot where the food and art worlds collide is a really odd place. And I find I'm always fascinated by food-related art projects, even when (especially when?) they're over the top.

You might know Brooklyn-based New Zealander Henry Hargreaves from his previous projects, like the old-fashioned typeface he created out of streaky raw bacon, or the Chuck Close-inspired portraits cobbled together with shades of burnt toast. For his newest project, Deep Fried Gadgets, he collaborated with stylist Caitlin Levin, to present food porny pictures of battered and fried iPads and Game Boys.

Henry Hargreaves, Deep Fried Gadgets

Henry Hargreaves, Deep Fried Gadgets

Henry Hargreaves, Deep Fried Gadgets

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Michaelangelo would be turning over in his grave. This is hands-down the dumbest artwork I have ever seen in my life. I'm actually angered by how little skill is involved and that the word 'artist' was included in the text of the piece. Is that the emotion he was going for? If next week I take a picture of my dog's vomit in a bowl and I surround it with rose petals, can you please interview me over my 'talent'? For fucks sake, human race.

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