More Sweet Treats: Dairy Queen Coming to New York City

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DQ's sweet treats are coming to the city. According to Bloomberg, Dairy Queen is expected to open three or four stores in the city, including one in Staten Island this year.

It's a brave move for the company to make, especially in the wake of Mayor Bloomberg's proposed ban of sales of sugary soft drinks larger than 16 ounces a cup. But according to DQ: "Obviously, if it's passed, we will have to work with it."

Good news, or will this just cause more people to be angry at an increase of "mainstream" chain stores? (refer to recent community outrage at influx of 7-Elevens)

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Unlike 7-11, which knocks out the local bodega there isn't anything close to a Blizzard anywhere in Manhattan (and no a McFlurry doesn't count). As long as DQ doesn't think we're interested in their burgers and fries (we're not) and sticks to the ice cream, everyone should be happy.