Recap: Brooklyn Waterfront Craft & Specialty Beer Festival's 5 Weirdest (But Delicious!) Beers, Plus Photos!

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Festival Sunset.jpg
Eric Sundermann
The crowd enjoying 180+ brews at sunset

This past weekend, Beer UP found itself at the Brooklyn Waterfront Craft & Specialty Beer Festival at 5 North 11th street, a few blocks away from the East River State Park. With a two ounce shot glass, we did our best to suck down as many of the 180+ brews from breweries around the world as we could. There were quite a few great beers out there, with some of my favorite breweries making an appearance (like Founders, Smuttynose, and, of course, Brooklyn Brewery), but after throwing a few back, it quickly became obvious that trying every beer at the festival would be an impossible quest. Instead, we prowled the waterfront, looking for the oddest beers we could find. And boy, did we find some. Check out the five weirdest below, plus other photos from the evening.

Note: The Village Voice was a media affiliate for the festival.

Eric Sundermann
The endless entry line

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East River State Park

110 Kent Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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