Review: Zutto's Japanese-American Pub in Tribeca

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Liz Barclay
Zutto's tonkotsu ramen

Zutto was one of Tribeca's earliest sushi restaurants, and has been puttering along for thirty years, mostly invisible behind the grander, finer Japanese fare of nearby Nobu, Megu and Brushstroke. Last fall, Joshua Smookler took over the kitchen, adding a handful of ramen dishes and some grubby, izakaya-style pub food. Of note is the "parma-karma" ramen, a bone-rich tonkotsu broth that's amplified with Parmigiano, roasted garlic, and rosemary, and served with pork jowl chasu. While many of Zutto's dishes could benefit from a lighter touch, the over-the-top ramen is good, clean fun.

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Liz Barclay
Zutto's short rib buns

Liz Barclay
Zutto's shisito pepper with yuzu salt

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Zutto Japanese Restaurant

77 Hudson St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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they lie about their ramen broth! i had a friend who worked there as a dishwasher and he said they add store bought broth to their ramen they swear by. the store bought broth has MSG in it and Zutto will also claim that they do not use MSG. the owner's resume is full of lies too. he INTERNED at Per Se and worked for FREE and was not a chef there. they use cheap quality ingredients and their food is crap