What To Eat at Big Apple Barbecue Block Party: Scott's Bar-B-Que From Hemingway, SC

The ordering window at Scott's

Scott's is in a ramshackle country store just a few blocks west of the downtown crossroads. There's an ordering window, a collection of groceries on shelves, and a seating area with three or four tables. A hand-lettered sign over the window advertises what is available that day, including whole pigs for take-away catering. A crew of very polite and gracious rural ladies prepares and packages your order.

Presiding over all is Rodney Scott, a youngish guy who believes that wood and long-smoking is the key to great barbecue. In despite of the decay of the state's barbecue scene, he perseveres as if it were the last century. He is one of barbecue's great heroes, and he will have a booth at this weekend's Big Apple Barbecue Block Party. His life's work is not to be missed.

In Hemingway, I had the pulled pork, picked from the whole hog and moistened with a vinegary sauce with some barbecue tidbits floating around in it. Extra sauce comes on the side. In this respect, his 'cue harkens to the old-fashioned style of North Carolina barbecue.

The vinegary sauce

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