The City's Weirdest Frozen Treat? Salted Licorice Pops

Glistening seductively, the salted licorice frozen pop from Sockerbit

If you thought licorice, salt, and dairy products could never occupy the same gastro-space, consider the frozen ice-milk pop flavored with salted licorice recently made available at Sockerbit, for around $4.

Like the sign says, frozen Scandinavian-style ice pops now available at Sockerbit.

The extremely oddball salted licorice flavor is part of a new line of frozen pops occupying a freezer case in Sockerbit, the Swedish candy store in the West Village. The pops, about a dozen in number, are made from Sockerbit by Go-Go Pops of Cold Spring Harbor, NY.

Though they may have been inspired by People's Pops, the flavors are more in line with Swedish sensibilities, which means very little sugar. Besides salty licorice (which contains dairy, many do not and are hence vegan), there's lemon-elderberry, lingonberry, wild blueberry-lemon, coconut, and lime mojito, which admittedly doesn't sound very Scandinavian.

The salted licorice is indeed salty, and tastes ice-creamy without being very sweet. The licorice bores into your imagination like a small parasitic worm, and you'll be thinking about it days later. Does it blow sea-salt caramels into a cocked hat? Not really, but the effect is similar, only more intense.

89 Christopher Street

Don't be discouraged by the black flecks.

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89 Christopher St., New York, NY

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Dudes, Go-Go Pops is in Cold Spring, NY (on the Hudson River 50 miles North of NYC) NOT Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island. NO! We were not inspired by Peoples Pops, we've been at it longer-just running under your city-centric radar. Though, as anyone from the city who goes hiking on Breakneck Ridge will know, Go-Go Pops is the best place to pop into either to power up before a hike, or refresh after. Your Lovin' Go-Go Girl

Leslie-Anne Brill
Leslie-Anne Brill

Wow, that sounds amazing, putting this on the list for next week :) Just bought salted licorice fish somewhere else yesterday.