Tired of Paying $15 and More for Ramen?

This all could be yours...

As the price of ramen has spiraled due to its hipness, it's hard to find a cheap bowl anymore, and what was once the least expensive foodstuff, beloved of college students, has become almost a special occasion dish. But there are a few holdouts...return with us now to the old days of ramen, pricewise.

Food Gallery 32 in a new and comparatively wonderful Korean food court, located on 32nd Street right in the middle of Koreatown. The tri-level space has lots of pleasant seating, some of it with a view. You order at any of the seven counters, each serving a different specialty, then receive your food via one of those beeper devices.

One place, Noodle 32, specializes in ramen with a Korean twist. Which means lots of kimchee and rich seafood broths, to be sure, but also such things as what looked like American cheese, floating in the soup. (I didn't try that one; I'm sorry!)

Big steaming bowls of ramen, plus a side dish of kimchee, start as low as $5.49, but we totally splurged and got a $5.99 bowl called dduk ramed (#18). The broth was spectacular, pink and spicy, and there were plenty of noodles and rice cakes gyrating in the fluid. Protein was furnished courtesy of a poached egg, and there were all sorts of vegetables in there, too.

Food Gallery 32
11 West 32nd Street

Order your ramen at the counter.

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Food Gallery 32

11 W. 32nd St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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Most Ramen from Korean places aren't ramen. It's probably the nasty mushy stuff you find at Momofuku. If you want cheap ramen, Yagura supermarket on 41st does it for 7 -8ish (It is a lunch counter so you save on tip too) . It's pretty inconsistent as sometimes it is overly salty but the ramen is good enough for a fix. Yagura serves some pretty other cheap bargains too. Large sushi/sashimi set for 10 bucks. Lots of hot dishes for under 7. Their pork/chicken katsu with or without curry despite being small in size is usually fairly juicy and tasty as opposed the dry bland monstrosities served at other ramen joints or so called katsu places. (go go curry though is consistently good) On the same block , do not eat the ramen from Mai Sushi, it is awful and as bad as what you'll find in Korean Ramen joints.


I would be personally be skeptical of "cheap" Ramen. The reason real deal Ramen often costs more these days is because chefs are elevating the dish, utilizing high quality ingredients (organic meats, locally sourced veggies, hand made noodles and broths, etc). Of course if your not concerned about the quality of food you consume then you might stick to the packaged stuff ;)


new?  it opened over a year ago!

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