Ceci Panino at Sullivan St Bakery, Dish #78


Welcome to 100 Dishes to Eat Now, the tasty countdown leading up to our "Best of 2012" issue. Tune in each day (weekends too!) for a new dish from the Fork in the Road team.

The ceci panino is one of four new sandwiches just rolled out by the new Sullivan St Bakery outpost in Chelsea.

"Ceci" are Sicilian chick-pea fritters, which usually look just like square raviolis -- at least in their Brooklyn renditoin. At Sullivan St, they're more like herb-free falafels, yellowish inside and perfect browned to order on the outside.

These make a nice warmish sandwich deposited between two layers of what can only be called a round version of Sullivan St's piazza bianca, a puffy, salty flatbread beloved of many.

Also on board are cucumbers, chiles, and fresh green herbs in a yogurt dressing. This thing tastes great, and makes a very filling lunch at $9.

Sullivan St Bakery
236 Ninth Avenue

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Sullivan Street Bakery Chelsea

536 9th Ave., New York, NY

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