Is This New York's Most Expensive [Normal] Hot Dog?

Get this baby at Epicerie Boulud.

Google "New York's Most Expensive Hot Dog," and you will get hits for all sorts of absurdities: franks topped with truffles, gold flakes, caviar, and all sorts of luxe ingredients that nobody would want to waste on a dog, topping out at $1501. Even the $69 dog at Serendipity 3 is loaded down with truffle butter, truffle oil, foie gras, and heirloom tomato ketchup. Ridiculous! No, what Fork in the Road was looking for was the most expensive hot dog that still reads and tastes like a hot dog. We found it at Daniel Boulud's Epicerie Boulud up near Lincoln Center.

Why would the city's most famous French chef bother with a street snack? Well, it must have been something of a challenge, since his Epicerie Boulud specializes in charcuterie as a walk-in offshoot of adjacent Bar Boulud, a bistro famous for its cured meats.

And there at a counter of the open-air space is one of those contraptions you used to see in movie theaters, with sausages rolling between gleaming metal cylinders. And one of those is an outsize hot dog, which sells for $7.50 plus tax. Pricey, right? Especially since you could get from three to seven street dogs at the same price.

The thing comes on a bun of great character slicked with DBGB sauce (a species of flavored mayo), 299 Relish (pickled vegetables, some sweet, some sour), and sauteed onions. The volume of of the weenie is approximately twice what you get in a normal frank, and the taste is spectacular. Moreover, eat one and you'll feel like you've had an entire meal. So, maybe Dog Boulud is worth it.

Epicerie Boulud
1900 Broadway


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Epicerie Boulud

1900 Broadway, New York, NY

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Serendipity 3

225 E. 60th St., New York, NY

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