Photos: Fine Dining at Pizza Hut

Categories: Absurdity

John Zhong
Throughout the months we've seen our fair share of absurd Pizza Huts. Remember the cheeseburger-ringed variety in Pizza Hut's Middle East division?

When I was in China, I hit up the Pizza Hut which was definitely not your run-of-the-mill fast food pizza chain. It was a Chinese version of fine dining: a 30-minute wait, the best view in the entire city, steak selections, and even a wine list. We ordered a five course meal for two for a total of $20. Turn the page for photos.

John Zhong
Interior of Pizza Hut

John Zhong
Wine list

John Zhong
Prix fixe portion of the menu

John Zhong
Plum tea and milk tea with chocolate boba

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