Puerto Rican Pop-Up 'Identity Crisis Dinner' at Calyer

The amuse was a thin strip of fried plantain flavored with red-pepper aioli (or more properly, perhaps, allioli) and decorated with clover.

Chefs Jose Ramirez-Ruiz (Chez Jose) and Gabriel Moya (Calyer) discovered that, though they were both born and bred in Puerto Rico, they'd never cooked Puerto Rican food in a restaurant setting. Last night at Calyer restaurant in a pop-up dinner called "Identity Crisis" with two seatings of 25 each, the pair sought to remedy that -- and they partly succeeded. Here is a photo diary of that meal, which extended to 11 courses.

Looking something like a scorpion, the second course was a salt-cod fritter with a salt-cod whipped topping. Scrumptious.

Probably the best dish of the evening, the third course was a spicy scallop ceviche with corn nuts and a sweet potato puree. It also appears on the regular menu at Calyer.

A root vegetable salad, utilizing yuca, taro, and a panoply of other tubers and roots draped with purslane was the fourth course.

Fifth course: a shredded yuca fritter with some sea urchin in there somewhere, served atop a hot pork broth.

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92 Calyer St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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