5 Best Things to Eat at Hazar Turkish Kebab

Hazar's mixed grill is one hell of a deal at $16.95.

This week, Counter Culture rides into Hazar, a new Turkish restaurant in Bay Ridge, and quite a wonderful one where grilled meats, whole fish, and bread dips are concerned. It also does the usual things with pita dough -- read on to find out what.

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5. Mixed Grill (above) -- Including chicken kebab, lamb adana kebab, lamb kofte, and chicken or lamb doner (pick the bird), this mass of meat is expertly cooked over a flame, and the flavor of smoke prevails.

4. Whole Grilled Fish -- Weighing in at an estimated pound and a half, your choice of porgy, pink snapper, or sea bass will set you back only $17.95.

3. Kazandibi (Semolina Pudding) -- Nicely browned on top, this pudding is mellow and mild, the perfect conclusion to a meal and easily shareable by two or three diners.

2. Bread Dips -- These deeply flavorful vegetarian delights include (from upper left moving clockwise): baba ghanoush, kisir (tabouleh), hummus, "spicy salad," sautéed eggplant, and cacik (garlicky yogurt). Served with homemade pides (below).

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7224 5th Ave., New York, NY

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