Budweiser: Why It's My "King"

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King Me

Beer UP typically examines a craft beer from a small brewer somewhere in the United States. Among many others, I've written about the Left Hand Milk Stout, the Founders Red Rye, and the Troegs Troegenator, but before I continue forward on this quest to drink every brewer in the country, I decided that I should confess something: Budweiser is my favorite beer. I would apologize to you, but I am not sorry.

Here's the thing. I could present an argument that Budweiser basically defines the light American-lager style. And because it sets the standard, that's all the street cred it needs. In a way, Budweiser is kind of like Nirvana. You may not like grunge, but there's no denying its influence -- and because they pioneered it, you're forced to give credit where it's due. I could also explain to you how the clean, light hoppy blend of sweetness and malt can be quite refreshing. There's not really a beer that tastes better than Budweiser in the sweltering summer heat. Plus, can you name an alcoholic beverage more suited for inappropriate behavior? See an old dude sitting outside of his house in a lawn chair, wearing a tight white tank top and way-too-short shorts while slamming a Budweiser, you won't think much of it. That same old dude throwing back a microbrew from Maine? Kinda weird.

Ultimately though, I'm not stupid. I can't convince you that Budweiser is the greatest-tasting beer in the history of mankind because, well, it's just not. In fact, my above comparison to Nirvana probably made your skin crawl, because a favorite band metaphor made among snobs is it's the "Nickelback" beer. Anheuser-Busch is also part of InBev, one of the largest corporations in the world, pretty much acting like the Walmart of breweries, and (rightfully) despised by most small brewers for being the epitome of "the man."

The truth is that my love of Bud, like all things in the year 2012, comes from a place of nostalgia. The second beer I ever had was a Budweiser. (The first was a Busch Light. Heard of that? It's a Midwest thing -- or maybe a Western Iowa thing. You can find it at any major family function, like graduations or tailgates or Christmases with your 60-plus relatives. It's great because you can chug about 19 of them and not get that drunk.)

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Budweiser in America pre-Prohibition was considered one of the best beers in the world.  It won many beer competitions internationally.  A few years after prohibition we face ration cuts because of World War 2.  This is when Budweiser changed its' recipe to cut costs.  The flavor changed as well.  After the ration cuts were over.  Bud decided to keep the new recipe.  


This is not a representation of what a "light American style lager" is.  The creators of Budweiser Mr. Anheuser and Mr. Busch traveled to Bavaria to learn how to make a light style beer.  There in the city of Budvar they found a recipe they liked and brought it back to America.  Budweiser also got a court order to prevent the beer from Budvar to come to America.  That beer is also called Budweiser as well.  


Your "King of Beer" 70 years ago was considered a good beer.  Now it is just mass produced and made as cheap as possible.   How can you justify paying $14 for a six pack?  The same way you justify spending an excess amount of money at any restaurant, bottle of wine, liquor, etc.  Your fridge is biased if all you drink is Budweiser.  


Try drinking real lagers and pilsners and then amend this article.  Try Pilsner Urquell, Spaten Lager, Hofbrau Lager, Lowenbrau, Paulaner Lager, Budweiser from the Czech Republic, Hacker - Pschorr, and other Bavarian beers that Budweiser was originally inspired from.


I totally understand what you mean Eric. I like all kinds of beers. If I had to live with just two, I would say Bud Light Lime and the Dogfish Head Festina Peche. Both of those are just so freaking good to me but in weird ways. Stability I guess...


But there are many others that are just as good and perfect for various times, places, moods.... Bud Heavy brings you back to simpler times and it offers stability. Drink it up and don't be ashamed. I'll bring some for you next time I visit!


How about a Yuengling?  It's the Muddy Waters of beer, and about 50 cents more.  And all without that nasty "I support global mediocrity" aftertaste.


Bud's not Nirvana. Bud is Days Of The New. It's watered-down swill that taste like garbage cause it's made from garbage. Grab a Stoudt's Pils, Victory Lager, or Spaten Lager and you'll taste what this type of beer is supposed to taste like. These are the Nirvana's, Pixies, and Sonic Youths of beer. 


Bud is fantastic. Anyone who tells you otherwise is full of shit.

An icy Bud from the can....damn. Awesome.

I'm not gonna say it's the best lager on *tap* at the bar -- gimme a bottle or can; or that I would even remotely believe in approving the drinking of Bud Lite; but good ol' fashioned Budweiser (Heavy ...as we used to say) is god danged GREAT.

America: Fuck Yeah.


@JoshMBernstein best defense of AB: despite foreign ownership, jobs are still American. Can't argue w/ that.

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