Fish Sangwich from Lake Trout, Dish #54


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Fish Sangwich

Matt Lang and Joe Carroll, the duo behind Fette Sau, recently opened Lake Trout (on the same block as Blue Collar, the unfortunately titled spot that does a great fast-food-style burger). Lake Trout wants to channel the grimy charm of a cheap, lovable Baltimore fish joint. There are orange plastic seats, a few posters of baseball players on the dark walls, and Baltimore favorites on the menu, like lake trout, a simple dish of fried fish and sliced white bread. It so happened on the afternoon I stopped in that the place was full of men, only men, eating lake trout. The mood was grim, but the cheese fish sangwich -- a little fried patty of pollock with tartar sauce, tomato, shredded lettuce, and Velveeta -- made for a nice, summery lunch.

Lake Trout
160 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn

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Location Info

Lake Trout - CLOSED

160 Havemeyer St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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