McDonald's Rolls Out Lamb Burgers . . . In Australia


OK. This is getting ridiculous. First came Pizza Hut's cheeseburger-stuffed pizza in the Middle East, mashed-potato vending machines by 7-Eleven in Singapore, fine dining at Pizza Huts in China, and more recently, lobster and caviar burgers in Japan by Wendy's.

What is it this time? A "Serious Lamb Burger" by McDonald's for Australia.

C'mon guys. Are Taco Bell's Doritos tacos and a bunch of healthy salads the only interesting thing we're going to get here? We're fast food nation. Where's our extra cheesy mutant burger-pizza?

What the lamb burger consists of: wheatgerm bun, one tomato slice, three red onion rings, a lamb patty, an egg, ketchup, greens, aioli, and a slice of beetroot.

The fast-food chain will also offer the Serious Lamb Taster, a small wrap with a half lamb patty. The burgers roll out next week.

Sigh. We're full of envy.

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@Mark_Goldberg @peternowak It was expected. After all, Australia as the NBN, and Canada has no digital strategy. So McDonalds invests in AU!


@jfmezei @peternowak In Israel, Mcdonalds has Shawarma and Kebabs - and they have >100% mobile penetration. Must be a digital strategy thing


@Mark_Goldberg @jfmezei what the hell are you guys talking about? Shawarma, telecom, Israel? WTF?!?


@peternowak @Mark_Goldberg @jfmezei You obviously don't eat every meal by watching Jon Stewart streaming on your phone over 3G!

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