Restaurants Adding Mandatory Tips Because of Canadians

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The news comes to us from ABC News, which reports that some restaurants in Vermont are adding mandatory tips because of cheap foreigners.

The policy has some people accusing the restaurants of discrimination, but owners are maintaining that the policy is necessary.

Owner Sandy Kong told ABC News that she usually only adds on 18 percent to a group of five or more and for customers that aren't good tippers. "But some Canadians come in, they spend like $100 or $150 and they leave the wait staff maybe a $1 tip," she said. "It happens pretty often. I realize that the Canadians think it's discrimination, but on all the receipts it's printed out on bottom -- 'We suggest an 18 or 20 percent tip.'"

The news station reported that a customer got fronted with a mandatory tip just because she and her family were speaking French.

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Q: What's the difference between a canoe and a French Canadian? 

A: A canoe will tip on occasion. 


Yeah, cheap Canadian bastards that have a minimum wage of $8-10/hr instead of the $2-4 that American servers make. How dare they just expect that Americans pay their workers a livable wage?!!?!


Cheap bastards! They like to pretend they are not eating in America where tipping is the custom. The customs of Canada and Europe are irrelevant here. Definitely impose a 15-20% gratuity on these free loaders