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We're not really sure that eating shark meat is the best way to celebrate Shark Week, but MexiBBQ will be serving grilled mako shark tacos ($9) beginning Sunday, August 12 through Thursday, August 16 to celebrate Discovery Channel's 25th annual Shark Week (which you can watch at the Astoria restaurant's bar).

[Update: A previous version of this post incorrectly stated that the tacos served would be made with bull shark. They will be made with mako]

Remember, in the words of Tracy Jordan, live every week like it's Shark Week.

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37-11 30th Ave., New York, NY

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Not only are lots of shark species at the edge of ectinction (you wouldn't eat panda or tiger steak woulkd you ?) moreover as top predators in the oceans shark meat is loaded with toxins. Don't poison your customers and inform yourself of the situation sharks are in. Be a real shark week supporter : save sharks, don't serve them !


Anyone that chooses to eat such a ridiculous item at their restaraunt you may want to think about potentially suing them as shark meat has been linked to ALZHEIMERS and MERCURY poisioning, sharks have HIGH levels of mercury in them, the most toxic poision on earth. I cannot even believe that this restaraunt would do something so STUPID, PLEASE I encourage you to call and tell them to stop and also write a horrible article about them on Trip Advisor so others will know about thier stupidity!

gerardo_ochoav 1 Like

Disgusting to say the least. Sharks are endangered, and shark week is supposed to bring conservation issues as prime. Your "celebration" is not only tasteless, but mocks the spirit itself. I'm Mexican and I'm totally disgusted with the callousness you show and the bad name you give to our culture with this utter nonsense.

bsk46 1 Like

Shame on you!!

malito 2 Like

Mala onda chavos!!! celebrating means preserving! giving life!! not taking it ...and least of all from sharks! you guys should seriously re think your marketing!!! :(

budbrasier 2 Like

This is a horrific way to celebrate Shark Week! We are destroying our oceans and the shark populations required to maintain a balance in the sea.  Why in the world would you encourage people to eat shark meat? There were 118 shark attacks on humans in 2011, resulting in 17 deaths - yes, tragic. However, we humans are killing an estimated 38,000,000 sharks per year! Sharks do not breed quickly and most of the shark species will not be able to recover from the decimation that we are causing. Ultimately, we are the ones that will suffer the consequences of our actions. Promoting the eating of sharks is inhuman, short-sighted, and destructive! Find a better way to celebrate Shark Week that helps educate and informs the public.


My comments wasn't misleading. Mako and Bull are not from that Australian fishery. And even the one study ( ) "The obverse of this finding is the widely recognizedfact that even low levels of fishing mortality over a widerange of ages make this management strategy unsustainable.In the case of the Western Australian dusky whalerfishery increasing fishing pressure on adults from theincreased use of baited hooks hanging off pot-ropes inthe overlapping lobster fishery and a growing tuna and billfish long-line fleet are giving rise to concerns about thesustainability of this resource (Simpfendorfer, 1999)."


So any shark on a plate is a bad thing. Period.

plantain 1 Like

What an AWFUL way to celebrate shark week. Shame on you Clarissa (and shame on the Village Voice) for advertising this restaurant's awful choice to serve a species of shark that is listed on the IUCN RED LIST!!  Many large species of shark, such as the Mako, not only have a high concentration of mercury in their meat, but also are extremely vulnerable to overfishing. 

Rogue23 2 Like

I can't wait to see what they serve during "Human Week." *sigh*

mcneilanne_marie 2 Like

You better remove this article, or recant.  You're "not sure that eating shark meat is the best way to celebrate shark week"???  Are you nuts??  Clearly, no conservation research was done before writing this.  Ditto to the rest of the comments.  You twit.


jonmillerscuba 4 Like

The once noble VV should know better.  I commend you to the Monterey Bay Aquarium's lists of fishes not to eat.  Sharks are at the top of any list to protect for the sake of humanity as well as the sharks. 

Kohrabi-in-Belize 4 Like

This is so wrong in every possible way.  We should NOT be eating sharks, we should be protecting them - - especially a publication with the readership and credibility of the Village Voice.  I am appalled.

lisasinbelize 3 Like

sharks are over fished & endangered. they are crucial to ocean ecosystems and should not be served nor fished. Wrong way to celebrate shark week for sure, take it off your menu for now & forever, please!

draconafire 4 Like

I can't believe you are doing this! Its utterly disgusting and not at all what shark week is about. Sharks are seriously endangered at the moment, an essential part of the eco system, and your tacky decision is only going to make the situation worse.

wsims57 2 Like

Thank you rtgraham and all the others that posted here. This has gone viral and it will be nice to see everyone posting their disdain for the Village Voice & MexiBBQ. Do they not think before writting? 

rtgraham 1 Like

 @wsims57 I am a marine biologist who specializes in sharks and so know first hand the shape that sharks are in. Aside from the increasing number of published studies on the mercury issue, I also have results from  testing for methyl mercury in shark tissues that further support my plea to NOT eat sharks.

wsims57 2 Like

 @rtgraham I am a diver, and i sell dive travel all over the world, I have been all over the world and have witnessed first hand the eradication of sharks all over the world. I was in the Sea of Cortez just 2 weeks ago and due to the over fishing of sharks there, the sea lion population has grown in numbers and is now causing problems.  

chad284 4 Like

Serving shark is akin to serving elephant.  Voice really needs to read up on this issue before promoting.

rtgraham 3 Like

I am surprised that the Village Voice is sending absolutely the wrong message about sharks while doing publicity for MexiBBQ. Many populations of sharks are in precipitous decline worldwide. Instead of eating them into oblivion we should be helping them to thrive to provide greater resilience to our ecosystems and fisheries and yield a stream of renewable non-consumptive income through tourism. And if the ecological and economic arguments aren't sufficient to give pause to fishing and eating sharks then consider this: Sharks have very high levels of methyl mercury, a known potent neurotoxin that causes a host of problems in humans (not to mention the beleaguered sharks themselves). In fact there is a specific US government advisory out against eating sharks captured in the Gulf of Mexico here and here The Gulf of Mexico is not an isolated case: Shark meat tested in other countries are also revealing very high levels of methyl mercury. So please support  the  conservation of these magnificent animals and don't eat them, they are toxic!

wlo93 3 Like

This is SO wrong.

wsims57 3 Like

You are out of your mind. There are NO sustainable fisheries for shark meat anywhere in the world. You should remove this article. 

christinamrtn7 5 Like

Shame on you! Do you ever use your brain or do any research before you publish something?! There is NO sustainable shark fishery anywhere on the planet. Many sharks have to be 15 years or more to reproduce. Many just get one or two pups per littler. How could you recommend a place that serves shark? Irresponsible at any time, downright cruel for shark week.


 @christinamrtn7 The Southern Australia shark fishery. Im not defending this, but some shark species can and are harvested sustainably. Saying all sharks are unable to cope with fishing is missleading.


@sharkdefenders shark week tacos is uncool.

glanhorn 3 Like

No. It's absolutely not the ethical choice. Why would you even draw attention to a place that is serving Shark on it's menu? The whole point to Shark Week is Shark Conservation.  Sharks are being killed in devastating numbers.  This article is just irresponsible. 

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