Year of the Takeout Day 225: Tofu Pudding from Tung Woo Co.

Hot and Sweet Tofu from Tung Woo Co. (230 Grand Street)

Today we noticed that this small shop -- which sells fresh soy milk, bean curd, and rice noodles -- also offers something called "hot and sweet tofu."

Since all we knew about this mysterious dish was that a small portion cost $1.75, we had to try it.

What we think we got is douhua, which is basically a tofu pudding popular in China and Malaysia.

We're guessing that we got served the Cantonese version -- compared to other varieties, it's the one that features a simple syrup sauce atop the silken tofu squares.

At first we were wary: Could warm, plain tofu -- with sugar water, no less -- be anything but bland?

Answer: Yes!

The gentle texture and mild simplicity mix to create a satisfying -- yet light -- dessert.

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