Year of the Takeout Day 219: Canned Congee Is Apparently a Thing

Mixed Congee "Instant Cereal" from Mott Street Grocery Store

Yep, this is congee in a can.

Yep, it's blended with barley, rice, peanuts, peas, lentils, longans, red beans, and a heavy helping of sugar.

And nope, we couldn't get through the bowl -- best described as a tinny, sticky gruel.

However, we did rather like that the can came with a handy plastic spoon, so we are willing to give this the benefit of the doubt: Maybe this mix just happens to be an acquired taste?


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Whereas I get my daily serving of minerals through a bowl of cereal, my former middle school students in Shenzhen, China preferred to bring these cans to school and get their intake that way.  Tinny for sure.  You know you've reached the apex of your career when you have to start confiscating them during a lesson. 



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