Shake Shack Forced to Reveal How Fattening Its Food Is

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Scott Beale / Laughing Squid
Shake Shack recently opened its 15th location in New Haven, meaning that the chain is large enough to be required to post calorie counts on the menus. The Wall Street journal reports that a meal consisting of a double-patty ShackBurger, regular fries, and a chocolate shake is just shy of 2,000 calories. But Shake Shack CEO Randy Garutti isn't deterred by the calorie requirements. He told the Journal that he's "happy and proud" to post the data.

"When you take your kids to Shake Shack, you're not feeling guilty," Garutti said. "You shouldn't do it every day. It should be part of a balanced lifestyle."

This isn't a new law. New York City has mandated that chain restaurants post calories since 2008, but experts have said that government-mandated calorie counts don't change the way people order.

A study in 2011 led by NYU School of Medicine's Brian Elbel found that calorie counts barely influenced by the presence of calorie labeling. The greatest drivers for teens were easy access, convenience of restaurant locations, and then taste.

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@anela_chan fresh shake shack burgers combat scurvy and other forms of vitamin deficiences and you know it


Somehow I've never eaten at a Shake Shack. Now that I see they serve those crinkle cut fries I can make my peace with that.