10 Best Hamburger Costumes for Halloween

Good parenting or bad? Depends on how how much you like hamburgers.

Too early to start thinking about your Halloween costume? Hardly. Remember there are only two more weekends until the sainted holiday, and some of these costume ideas will take some sawing or sewing.

What case can we make for attiring yourself as a hamburger? Well, if everyone did it, wouldn't it be far out! Imagine Christopher Street as a sea of bobbing hamburgers around midnight. Who doesn't love a hamburger? Who wouldn't love to be a hamburger? Here are the foremost examples we found on the Web.

10. (Above) Not sure if this is really a costume, or whether it should really be classified as a bona fide baby bed, which is why it's ranked 10 and not one. Also, is it unethical to dress a baby up for your own personal Halloween pleasure?

9. We've endlessly pondered what that thing on her head is supposed to be, and we can't come up with a satisfactory explanation. Luckily, it doesn't interfere with the excellence of the rest of the costume.

8. Sometimes the old costumes are the best -- as in this creation, which figured in old McDonald's commercials. Oddly, it casts the hamburger as a mayor, complete with spats and a top hat. (Hopefully, that's Mayor Bloomberg in there.)

7. The genius of this costume lies not in the dress's approximation of a burger, but in the tiny hamburger hats.

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