Q&A: Governor's Brad McDonald on Seasonal Menus and Halloween Candy, Part 2

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I read that you were a literature major in college. Have you seen the influence of any great writers on your food?
I'm deeply affected by Southern writers because I'm a Southerner at heart. On my bookshelf, you'll find Faulkner, McCarthy, and, probably the one that's most closely connected to food is Wendell Berry. I find what he has to say about food, and about slowing down your life, to be inspirational. It's very pastoral. Those three writers are hugely influential to me in the way that I think and move in my life. I do try to stay conscious about the idea of hospitality and that it's not just about me in the kitchen playing with a product.

We took a poll about the Halloween candy we like least. What would top your haters list?
Yes, candy corn. I abhor it.

We couldn't agree more.

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