Sandy: A Storm Diary, Updated Mid-Storm

Perhaps because the waterway is at low tide, the barriers to the Hudson River Park have been removed. Here storm watchers gather on the Christopher Street pier.

Despite promises to the contrary in many cases, 95 percent of the restaurants in the West Village are now closed. Those that remain open, like the Windsor, an upscale sports bar and hamburger joint at West 4th and West 10th, are enjoying a premises thronged with patrons. This despite escalating wind gusts, but still sparse rain.

The Rite Aid on Hudson Street is still open but will be closing shortly. The candles are all sold out anyway, except for one purple one.

As of 4 p.m., the Windsor remained open and wildly popular, its windows resolutely taped (to keep the patrons safe from flying glass).

Gristedes at Sheridan Square is one of the only major groceries in the West Village to remain open, but the pickin's in the bread aisle are few.

Meanwhile, on Perry Street, Port-A-Potty down!

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