Our Most Hated Halloween Candy

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Trick or -- wait, what? You only have Mike & Ikes? No, thanks.

Oh, to be young and have your candy options controlled by those oddball neighbors. We know, it was a drag. But grown-up Halloween means never having to eat anymore off-brand Good and Plentys. So we've taken a Fork in the Road poll to find out everyone's most hated Halloween candy.

Check out our answers below and tell us your least favorite choices in the comments.

wikimedia/evan amos

Robert Sietsema: Almond Joy -- what the hell is in the chocolate? Also Brach's caramels, Snickers fun size, and Hershey's Kisses.

creative commons:mr billions.jpg
creative commons/mr. billions

Jessica Goodman: I actually dislike Hershey bars. Boring! And kind of chalky.

wikimedia/liz adams

Clarissa Wei: CANDY CORN.

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