Being Guy Fieri: The 10 Best Impersonators

This guy is plenty earnest, and realizes that a fake flamboyancy is the real key to being Guy Fieri. He's #10. Pure genius using a trimmed Band-Aid as a soul patch!

We love him, we hate him - but the fact that Pete Wells' curdling review of Guy Fieri's restaurant has caused such a commotion is because, like it or not, the guy is a seminal figure in the declining years of the Age of Foodism. Yes, he's a buffoon, but he's popularized the foodist lifestyle to the largest number of people. Ever. And elevated many working class restaurants (some might say grease pits) that constitute a subculture in themselves. In fact, some people not only admire him, they want to be him, and here are the 10 best examples Fork in the Road could find.

Yes, a hedgehog does a pretty good impression of Guy Fieri (left), and that's why this hedgehog is impersonator #9.

A Guy Fieri with teats? Why not? As #8 helps us demonstrate (below). And that's why this post is NSFW.

This grim Guy, #7, would like to karate-chop you in the kisser.

This Guy Fieri, #6, is what the real Guy Fieri is going to look like if he doesn't stop knocking back the fatty foods.

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