Bong Blogging: Our 10 Best Marijuana Stories

Why reach for a ruler when your finger is handy?

At Fork in the Road, we pride ourselves in our willingness to go any lengths to get a story -- even if it means putting alien substances in our bodies in pursuit of purely journalistic objectives. Here are some of the high points of the FiTR Cannabis Library.

It ain't Cracker Jack. (See number one.)

1. Cannabis Caramel Corn -- What Will They Think of Next?

2. 3 Good Things: Cannabis in the Kitchen

3. Suck on This: Medical Marijuana Lollipops

4. To Hell With Pot Brownies, Marijuana-Infused Wine Is Where It's At

5. Medical Marijuana Sodas from Colorado: Fear & Loathing in Brooklyn

Like the label says, "Take Flight." (See number five.)

Eyes bloodshot yet? Here are five more:

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Jessica Delguercio
Jessica Delguercio

interesting... that could cause accidents too though, no? Just saying :)

Fork in the Road
Fork in the Road

Research has shown that marijuana-intoxicated drivers are often more careful than the average driver, sometimes so careful that they drive too slowly.


no mention of roberta's epic weed tasting menu? NYMAG'd

Jessica Delguercio
Jessica Delguercio

This just makes me mad. How can they regulate in take (like alcohol levels?) If someone is High and gets into a car accident, who is at fault?