How To Eat Fufu

The rice mash called omo tuo arrives immersed in its mixed-meat peanut soup, rather than wrapped in plastic.

To eat a mash like fufu, pull off pieces with the fingers of your right hand, and then dip the wad deeply in the soup that you've chosen to go with it. These soups are most often based on meat, fish, vegetables, okra, peanut butter, palm oil, ground-up melon seeds, sweet potato leaves. A combination of meats, poultry, and fish is called mixed meat.

You can dip and re-dip gobbets of fufu until your loaf is exhausted, and still not get to the bottom of the bowl. That's because back home a bowl of soup might be shared by several people, each with his own loaf of fufu. Such is the abundance of the New World that we each get our own, and it's more than enough.

The meat, too, often seems to be used in abundance, but without preference for one form or another. That's because flesh is scarcer in West Africa than here. Accordingly, when your fufu is done, picke up a spoon to finish as much of the soup and meat as you want.

Or simply order another loaf of fufu. Your waitress will be impressed.

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Okra soup has an engagingly slimy consistency that makes eating it with fufu a greater challenge.

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