Watch Larry David's Animated Thanksgiving Short

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Funny or Die

Remember the Thanksgivings of your childhood? Sure you do, it was before you'd discovered bourbon. And so does Larry David. In this animated video for Funny or Die, he shares his holiday stories about Uncle Leo eating in his undershirt and his mother's pejorative statements about white meat.

David found idea of eating turkey slightly baffling: "If it was so good, how come we were eating chicken three times a week?" But David did appreciate that, due to their shared affinity for dark meat, his mother would "start belittling all the white meat eaters at the table." Of course, David doesn't seem to think that his experience was anything too unique, saying, "Ya know, it was just another Brooklyn thanksgiving."

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, your just so funny............not. Self absorbed Hollywood jerk off. The only thing his hebe ass knows about Thanksgiving is doing the hollywood gobble gobble with Kalvin Kline.


why did the chicken cross the street ?


To lay another egg.