Mile End Deli: Social Media Flare Sours Smoked Meat's Return

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This morning, an apology note appeared on Mile End's Facebook page.

I apologize for having offended a customer who was trying to voice an opinion. The subsequent use of unprofessional language to fend off her army of Facebook friends was clearly not in my best interest. Mile End has always been a very chill place with a staff that works hard to please its customers as most of you who have visited can attest.

This past month has pushed and prodded the emotions of everyone at Mile End in ways that, unfortunately, too many of us can now truly understand. The business faces new challenges; the way we address them will define who we are and what we hope to be.

I have always welcomed constructive criticism -- when constructive qualities are traded for mere snark, however, the line between what's personal and what's suggestive can be blurred. That said, I recognize that I crossed those same lines in response and for that I am sorry, particularly to our customers, fans, and Facebook followers.

Mile End has made massive headway since it got power back on in the Red Hook kitchen 10 days ago, but it will take a while before things are back to pre-Sandy standards. "We're taking baby steps in the next couple of weeks," Bernamoff said. "My hope is that come January we're at the critical basis that Mile End stands for."

About the flare on Facebook and Twitter, Bernamoff said: "It feels like reality TV to me. I have a warehouse to rebuild."

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Mile End Sandwich

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Fall weather and that smell.  Just poetic luck.  LOL!  Thanks for the smells oh yeah.


Mile End kicks ass and can -- like any biz or person in NYC (remember this, cos we all used to act this way in this town and it was glorious...) -- do whatever the fuck they want.

If you're whining aboot 2 bucks on a sandwich already over 10, yer a fucking idiot.


@JohnnyDeep   LOL.  Theres the pot calling the kettle black!   It is capitalism, not socialism!  The real idiots are the people who continuously allow themselves to get kicked in the head by this so called entrepreneur. What he is saying is more like:  " Hey everyone, I'm gonna charge you more money and give you less product.  Just give me the money and shut up!  Don't worry.  When I get back on my feet, and all you suckers have now gotten used to paying the higher prices for less goods, I am going to keep it that way!  

This guy has partners.  Let them dig deep in their pockets if they wish to survive.  But no!  Not only are suckers born every day, some like coming back again and again like Johnny dumbfuck.