Nathan's Famous, Totonno's Pizzeria Napolitano Still Shuttered After Storm

If McDonald's can't get it together to reopen, the situation must be dire. Below, dunes of sand blown inland

The massive Russian banquet hall Riviera was shut down, and even the McDonald's opposite the subway station on Stillwell Avenue was entirely boarded up.

Of an estimated 30 places examined, only one was open -- a diner right by the Belt Parkway/Cropsey Avenue exit.

The Rigelmann Boardwalk mainly escaped the storm's fury, and so did the little bald man who holds a hamburger aloft. Nevertheless, sand covered most of the wooden thoroughfare -- sometimes also topped with snow -- making a walk by the sea difficult.

Meanwhile, a line waiting for food and clothing bisected the Raymour and Flanigan parking lot, which was dotted with pieces of furniture, set out in the afternoon sun to dry off.

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Above, the furniture-store parking lot with its opposing gangs of people and furniture. Below, a storm-damaged house in Coney Island, which wasn't in great shape to begin with

See a post-hurricane report from Chinatown

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Where is the Bay Shore Parkway?  You probably mean the BELT PARKWAY!

Also Randazzo's is NOT a bargin Resturant!

Otherwise good pictures.


While it's depressing to see all these boarded up and destroyed places in Coney Island, I just wanted to thank you for sharing these photos as these are great education to us all and more reasons to go out there to volunteer or donate or do whatever need to be needed, be it big or small.


 @llee827 Lucky I didn't call it the Gowanus, or the BQE! Thanks for the correction.