Report From the East and West Villages, Post-Apocalypse

On Avenue C, the transformer farm that exploded.

A block away from Back Forty, running from Avenue C to Avenue D, was the now-notorious transformer farm that brought the whole downtown grid down, which was preceded by a very entertaining fireworks display that could be seen throughout the skies in Lower Manhattan. There were plenty of vehicles surrounding it with flashing lights, some from Long Island, but little activity appeared to be occurring. This dovetails nicely with an NPR report this morning suggesting that work had been completed, but they were waiting for a few other pieces to fall into place in the grid before flipping the switch to turn the thing on.

Here are some more pictures showing what's been going on.

Pumping water out of a residential building between Avenues C and D. Water was reportedly waist high on Avenue C at the height of the surge.

Repairing cars damaged by the flood on 10th Street.

Many hastily opened restaurants lacked electricity and heat, forcing the diners to eat bundled up. But O! that pizza tasted good.

In most cases, you had to sit outside to see your food.

Luckily, you could still buy a garishly colored wig on St. Marks if you felt like it.

For a change, the line wasn't waiting to get into Ippudo, but for uptown buses that rarely showed up, and then were already totally full.

Thanks to Creative Bath Products on 34th Street for letting us use their facilities to put up this post.

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