Seven Ways of Looking at a Twinkie

Here's a commercial circa 1970 featuring "Twinkie the Kid."

It was 1933 when the first Twinkie rolled off the assembly line, manufactured by Continental Baking Company of Indianapolis, Indiana. The inspiration was strawberry shortcake, and the crème-filled snack was intended to be something of a substitute during the months when strawberries were not available.

Twinkies are also the stuff of urban myth. One says that Twinkies are so laced with artificial preservatives that one will last 100 years without appreciable decay. Another suggests that Twinkies won't burn, and you could use them almost like asbestos. Twinkie - delicious snack, pernicious pouch of chemicals, or indispensible cultural artifact? Now that we've learned that this much-loved (or perhaps not-enough-loved) cake treat is about to be discontinued, here are seven different ways of looking at it.

Michael Pollan decries the greater cost of carrots over Twinkies.

From 2008, here's a clip that treats Twinkies as fodder for competitive eating, ala Nathan's franks, with a soundtrack you can dance to.

Did you know Twinkies are fireproof? Well this pseudo-scientific experiment proves it, while coming to some dubious conclusions.

A method for making homemade Twinkies

A warning about eating Twinkie wiener sandwiches

How Twinkies are manufactured

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