8 Not Bad Boxed Wines to Pour at Your Next Party

Categories: Unscrewed

  • The quality gap between the reds and whites was like that between the Patriots and the Jets. We enjoyed drinking the best reds, while the mostly insipid, often tart whites were a chore to get down, some too sour to drink at all.
  • The wines in Tetra Pak degraded faster than bottled wine; drink within 24 hours of opening.
  • The wine spigots were hard to retrieve out of the interior of the boxes. Try pulling with pliers.
  • Don't bring boxed wine to a party. If my sister (who hosted my tasting over Thanksgiving) wasn't thrilled, I suspect a non-familial hostess will appreciate the gesture even less. Go glass when gifting.
  • To qualify as "elegant," serve the wines from decanters.

Lauren Mowery is a wine and travel writer. She writes the Unscrewed column for Fork in the Road and blogs at Chasing the Vine.

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